Organising special events on a budget

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Three Tips to Ensure Your Backyard Wedding Runs Smoothly

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If you’re opting for a non-traditional wedding in your backyard, then you might have been met with some doubts. A backyard wedding isn’t what first springs to mind when most people think of getting married, but it can actually be even more special than a more traditional venue. Holding the wedding on your own land is an excellent way to cut costs, and you won’t be bound by the limitations of private venues. Read More»

Newbie Business Enterprise: Here's What You Should Do to Get the Most Out of a Trade Show

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A trade show refers to a corporate event held with the sole objective of allowing business enterprises operating in a given industry to come together and showcase the latest products and services that they have. If you’ve just started out in a particular industry, trade shows are a perfect opportunity to meet new clients and business partners and learn about the weaknesses in your firm by comparing notes with your competitors. Read More»

4 Ways to Cut Birthday Party Costs

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Would you like to organise a surprise birthday party for your best friend? Read on and discover some tips that you can implement in order to organise a memorable birthday party for your friend without going broke in the process. Make Table Numbers Out of Wine Bottles An easy way to make table numbers that will guide the invited guests to their seats is to use old wine bottles. Gather these old wine bottles from your friends who are involved in helping you to organise the party. Read More»

Wedding Bells Ahead? How to Make a Bigger Impression

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Your wedding day is going to be a landmark occasion for everybody involved. As such, you need to make it a day to remember and you also need to make sure that it stands out when compared to other wedding ceremonies your guests may attend. It should be possible to choose a nice function room in a hotel somewhere, but you’re likely to make a much bigger impression by renting a nice tent. Read More»