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4 Ways to Cut Birthday Party Costs

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Would you like to organise a surprise birthday party for your best friend? Read on and discover some tips that you can implement in order to organise a memorable birthday party for your friend without going broke in the process.

Make Table Numbers Out of Wine Bottles

An easy way to make table numbers that will guide the invited guests to their seats is to use old wine bottles. Gather these old wine bottles from your friends who are involved in helping you to organise the party. Place numbered cards into a slit that you have cut into the cork that was on the wine bottle. The birthday party guests will be thrilled by your creativity.

Schedule the Day on a Wooden Crate

Do you wish to write down the programme of the day in a way that will make it visible to all the guests? Get an old wooden crate and paint it before you use a permanent marker to write the highlights of the day's programme. You can also use an old wooden pallet for the same purpose. Just write the programme on the timber pieces at the bottom of the pallet before you position it upright so that your guests can see the writing.

Use Sweets as Table Decorations

Have you run out of money to hire table decorations? Buy as many mini-packets of sweets as you can and position a few packets on each table. Those sweets will make the tables to look inviting. The guests will also be pleased to have decorations that they can eat as they participate in the different events that you have scheduled for the day.

Use a Bottle Instead of a Guest Book

The birthday party that you organise for your best friend can also be unforgettable if you avoid the cost of buying a guest book and instead use an old bottle into which guests can drop written notes about their experiences at that party. All that you need to do is to provide some paper and pens so that all the guests participate in the "message in a bottle" experience. The guests will not know that your unique idea was motivated by the need to save the money that you would have used to buy a guest book.

Talk to a party hire professional so that he or she can guide you about the most essential items that you may need to hire. You can then work with that professional to find improvisations that will cut down your costs without sacrificing the success of the birthday party of your dear friend.