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Three Tips to Ensure Your Backyard Wedding Runs Smoothly

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If you're opting for a non-traditional wedding in your backyard, then you might have been met with some doubts. A backyard wedding isn't what first springs to mind when most people think of getting married, but it can actually be even more special than a more traditional venue.

Holding the wedding on your own land is an excellent way to cut costs, and you won't be bound by the limitations of private venues. You can hold the wedding and the reception in the same space, which is convenient for guests and means you won't have to worry about paying for and decorating two separate venues.

There are things that can go wrong with backyard weddings, though — weather, space limitations and poor planning can all be issues. Follow the tips below to ensure your special day runs smoothly.

Limit the number of guests

Keeping to a set number of guests is essential when hiring a wedding venue, but you might think you can be a bit more flexible when using your own home. This is a big mistake. Ending up with too many guests can cause issues with everything from seating to comfort — if your garden isn't that big, you don't want the space to feel overcrowded. Send out invitations with clear details regarding plus ones, and make sure no-one plans to turn up uninvited.

Prepare for bad weather

Getting married in natural surroundings is a big part of the appeal of backyard weddings, but it's also risky. No matter how many times you've checked the weather forecast, there's always a chance that a sudden shower could put a dampener on things. Prepare for poor weather by hiring a marquee that's large enough to comfortably house all of your guests. If there's a long walk between the parking area and the main wedding location, you could provide large umbrellas or cheap rain covers for your guests. If you're having a themed wedding, you could even have these items specially designed to match. If there's any risk of high winds, ensure you hire a marquee that can be fitted securely to the ground using ropes.

Don't do everything yourself

If you're trying to save money by holding a backyard wedding, you might be tempted to do everything yourself. This can be extremely stressful and really isn't feasible for a wedding with more than a handful of guests. Set realistic expectations beforehand. If you're planning on doing all the decorating yourself, then you'll definitely want to hire a caterer, and vice versa. Make a list of tasks, and decide which you'll need help with. Booking services well in advance will ensure you get the best deals.