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Wedding Bells Ahead? How to Make a Bigger Impression

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Your wedding day is going to be a landmark occasion for everybody involved. As such, you need to make it a day to remember and you also need to make sure that it stands out when compared to other wedding ceremonies your guests may attend. It should be possible to choose a nice function room in a hotel somewhere, but you're likely to make a much bigger impression by renting a nice tent. What are the options when it comes to hiring a marquee?

Choosing the Tent According to the Venue

The first option that you can consider is a frame tent. The canvas is placed on a freestanding frame made of metal and can be erected at any venue, no matter the surface make up. The beauty of this structure is that there are many elements to the frame itself that can be used in order to erect some additional decorations or fabric pieces, or to set up some nice mood lighting.

A second option is the traditional version, using a high top and two or three very tall poles as the centrepiece. Several guy wires are connected to the top of each poll and the canvas is then raised above these wires. Usually, these poll tents are only suitable when you are using a soft surface beneath, such as a field. The polls themselves need to be staked into the ground for stability, which can be very difficult to achieve on a concrete surface.

The Best of Both Worlds

Perhaps you would like the flexibility of the frame tent and the look of the high top? In this case, ask your tent vendor whether a marquee would be suitable. It is essentially a crossover between the poll and the frame tent.

Summertime Options

Depending on the time of year that your wedding is taking place, you could consider a structure known as a tropical tent. These are typically smaller structures, so you might consider putting a number of them together instead of one all-encompassing tent. They are composed of bamboo frames, and you will use a variety of lighter fabrics for decoration. Remember, if you're not sure about the weather, this type of tent doesn't really provide much protection from a heavy shower.

Create a Talking Point

An unusual choice could be using many small tents. These will be sure to create a memorable impression for your attendees. You would usually have to erect a number of tents together in order to handle all the elements of the wedding and the number of guests, as the interior space is not quite so flexible. However, they do come in a variety of different sizes and so can be considered for larger ceremonies as well.