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Why It Matters Which Coolroom You Hire

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Coolrooms are an essential part of any Australian event during the summer. Whether you are inside our outdoors, extra coolroom space is often needed to keep the volume of drinks, snacks, and fresh ingredients cool. But not all coolrooms are created equal. You want to get coolrooms that fit your specific needs and to do that you need to look into the fine print a little more closely. Here are three factors you need to keep in mind to get the perfect coolroom set up for your event.

1. Use Off-Road Capabilities

Some coolrooms are built with the express purpose of being used outside and in brought terrain. They come on trailers with thick wheels that can get through grass and rocks to wherever you need them to be, but some coolrooms are completely the opposite. For those who are based in the city, or are renting coolrooms that come from the city, you need to always double-check that if you need the coolroom to be placed in a more trying environment, that you are renting an appropriate machine that can handle it. The last thing you want is a coolroom bogged down in a swampy field!

2. Get Adequate Power

Coolrooms require a lot of energy to keep the elements at bay during summertime, and not all of them provide their own generator. Some coolrooms will need an external generator to run, while others can be run mostly on solar power. If you are renting a coolroom, make sure that you have done your research on if you will need to provide your own generator, and what that generator runs on (if you need to fill it up with gas and so on). It's no good hiring a coolroom if it can't keep anything cool!

3. Ensure a Successful Delivery 

Some coolroom operators will bring your equipment right to your doorstep, or the actual event location. Others will ask you to pick it up from their place of business. If you do need to pick it up you will need someone with a vehicle that has a towing capacity greater than that of the coolroom itself. Sometimes delivery is offered, but at an additional cost that you should factor in. If you don't have someone capable of towing a coolroom, you will need to find another alternative, such as a company that offers delivery. 

For more information, contact coolroom hire services.